Digital Communications Strategy


Digital Communications Strategy

Your digital presence without a strategy is like a ship without a compass, merely wandering nowhere.

At Artslab, we give you the digital compass your business needs. By aligning your unique business goals with an effective communications strategy, we help reach the right audience with the right delivery method.

The digital universe may expand at the rate of cosmic expansion, but we take the worry out of your plan with up-to-the-minute information. Consider it compounding interest. It adds value over time.

Once again, why do we need a digital communication strategy?


Clear direction on what to do online

Your digital communications strategy is what sets you on the path to achieving your business goals through achieving your digital marketing goals. Not having a strategy will just help you end up clueless about what happened to your budgets.


Know your audience better

This is the stage where you will sit down with a bunch of digital marketing experts and learn more about your audience over a long session of coffee. You will need to define their demographics and understand their interests and behaviour.


Freedom to change and adapt

Unlike the old days, you now get to revisit your strategy as the campaign goes on and see how well it fits in the process of achieving your results. You have the flexibility of moving your budgets to what gives the best outcome as per realtime statistics.


Stay ahead of the competition

Every brand is shifting their budgets from traditional communication channels to digital channels. What are you going to be doing without a plan when your competitors are rocking it with their digital presence? Don’t get left out or left behind against your competitors.

Strategy Development Process

The 5 Step Process
to Strategy Development.

Here is how we will work on developing a digital communications strategy for you.

Start with the end

Before drawing up the next master strategy for your campaign, you first need to figure out what your end goal has to be. Your strategy is the road map to get to your destination. A road map means nothing without knowing where you want to get to.

Recall the past learnings

You might have had past efforts of trying to carry out digital communications. Whether good or bad, it’s always good to bring them back to the table because why waste time reinventing the wheel when you can dust and reuse the old one? This is also the stage where an analysis of the current digital presence will be done before moving onto a strategy development

Who are you talking to?

This is an extremely important step where you will learn who your audience is, what their behaviour is like and how to use the channel mix appropriately to fit the different audiences and their interests.

How much have you got?

Often, managers and business owners get stuck here. It’s extremely difficult to pass this stage without the expert opinion from someone in the Digital Media industry. What is your budget allocation on digital channels, accordingly which channels will you use and how do you breakdown your budget for each channel? These are some of the questions that will be answered at this stage.

Make the plan you need not stick to

What on Earth do you mean you don’t need to stick to the plan after spending so much?

Well, what we mean is we will create the strategy at this stage in order to achieve the business/marketing goals. But it’s almost deadly to stick to it when it calls for improvement and optimization. The digital sphere changes every second. It’s fair enough that you cant change your strategy to match that pace. But your strategy should be flexible enough to adapt to new trends and insights.

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